Welcome to my site! This is a place for me to spew out my thoughts for… anything. Typically I’m going to post about game design, table top games, and the like. I might just toss random other stuff too as I feel like it. It’s my blog I do what I want.

In addition to writing for some official Paizo products like Treasure Vault and Rage of Elements, I write my own Pathfinder Infinite products! Everything I post on this website is free to use, including parts of what my Infinite products that you can use to try out before purchasing the full thing,


Filling in the Blanks

I went over a method you can use to “mathematically” categorize a character concept or class. However, the class pyramid isn’t limited to this use. It can be a very versatile tool if you know how to use it.

Make Love, Not Warlock

Last in our trio of pseudo-warlocks uses the Psychic class. While there’s no exact copy of eldritch blast, Psychics are the superstars of cantrips and adding bonus effects on your spells.


Magus is all about combining spells and martial prowess, perfect for a Blade Warlock. Their signature ability Spellstrike has you attack a foe with a weapon and unleash a spell against them all at once.

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