I Can See the Future, part 2

Despite having zero spellcasting, a thaumaturge still get magic abilities from their items. Think of it as fantasy-Batman. No superpowers (spellcasting) but enough gadgets (implements) and the know-how to use them to be just as powerful, and a big influence on studying enemies to learn how best to approach the situation.

I Can See the Future!

The next classes in Pathfinder 2e have been announced. Next year’s summer-book “Dark Archive” will contain the Psychic – a returning spellcaster from 1e – and Thaumaturge – which is sort of returning? I’ll explain that at a later time. You can playtest the class right now by going here and downloading the current versions of the class.

It Builds Character

Before making a bunch of characters – and there will be a BUNCH of character builds – I want to explore party makeups as a whole. A lot of this might be common knowledge to folks who’ve been playing rpgs for a long time, but for anyone who doesn’t fall into that group or for anyone who just wants context for my ramblings, these are my thoughts.