Brick by Brick

In my last post, I went over a hopefully useful tool that can help you generally figure out what sort of character fits a concept you might have based on its strengths in different areas. This time, we’re going to quickly go through each class in Pathfinder Second Edition’s Core Rulebook, Advanced Player’s Guide, Secrets of Magic, Guns & Gears, and Dark Archive.

Inspiration! And Improvement!

One thing I find myself doing all the time while playing a game is figure out how certain characters or monsters or whatever else might translate into ttrpgs. Not only is it super fun for me, but it’s also a way to practice design within certain constraints. You have an end goal – the original character concept – and limitations within the medium – the game’s rules. Today, I’m going to go through a slightly more in depth process of doing this so in the future similar posts can just build off of this.